While walking past some houses in the Museum District, I was struck by how many of them seemed to be designed in such a way as to reflect the vibe of the area: very artsy with a classic style and feel, as though they were exhibits themselves. What initially caught my eye with this photo was the wall accent/decor window, with the vines framing it and going up the wall. I loved the contrast of the brick and stucco with the green of the vines so I decided to take a shot.

As I composed the shot in my viewfinder, I didn’t like that there was nothing behind the accent I was looking through and decided to see if any others had a more interesting point of view. Thankfully, I ran across this particular accent with a view of an upper window of the house. What I loved even more was the window was circular, giving a contract between the squares of the wall accent. I also liked that there was a corner of the house that cut off the side of the window which, along with its cross-framing, give it an angular look that complimented the squares of the accent. So I took the shot and here it is. I hope you enjoy it!