Wings Over Houston (2019)

After many years of “planning” to go, I finally got a chance to go to Wings Over Houston and I regret not having gone sooner! Although I wasn’t able to get tickets into the Photographer section, I think I was still able to get some good shots. I really enjoyed all of the performances and […]

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Angles and Atmospheres

Have you ever looked at something so often that you feel like you’ve seen all there is to see? It is really easy to feel that way about many things in life: people, places, problems, people… We’ve looked at it from every angle, thought it through from every perspective and concluded that there is no […]

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Lunar Eclipse of 2019

One does not often get a chance to witness something so cool as a “Super Blood Wolf Moon” so I had to photograph this celestial occurrence. I honestly don’t recall seeing many lunar eclipses but, then again, I may not have been paying attention. The fact that this was happening while the moon was closest […]

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