There’s something about a reflection that always seems to capture the eye. Look at the picture above. Can you see how still the water is and how well it’s reflecting the frescoes and garden? You may not have been able to tell the difference between the subject and the reflection if I would have taken […]

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Important Reminders

Memorials are something we often see, sometimes overlook, and occasionally ignore but some just grab your attention and don’t let go. Recently, while returning from photographing the sun rising over the San Jacinto River, I noticed this ghost bike at a nearby intersection. The strange thing about this bike to me was that I had […]

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Moments of Joy

I have always had a soft spot for smiling faces and this photograph stands out to me simply because of the beautiful smile surrounded by expressionless faces. While everyone else was focused on a dance performance, something caused this woman to burst into such an amazing expression of which I am grateful to have captured. […]

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