One does not often get a chance to witness something so cool as a “Super Blood Wolf Moon” so I had to photograph this celestial occurrence. I honestly don’t recall seeing many lunar eclipses but, then again, I may not have been paying attention. The fact that this was happening while the moon was closest to the Earth (ergo being called a Super moon) in January (my favorite month and also why it’s called a Wolf moon) made it a no-brainer to capture!

I was actually amazed by how often I needed to re-frame the moon in my viewfinder, as I didn’t realize how fast the moon moves across the sky. It was also fun trying different camera settings in order to get a nice, clear photograph considering a touch of light pollution where I am as well as a night sky that wasn’t the clearest. Anyway, here are the best photos I took and combined to make the one above. Enjoy and may you never lose the wonder of such beautiful things!