What keeps you up at night and dominates your waking thoughts? Is it a thought, dream, or even a person? I have grown in many ways over the years but one area that I struggled with is passion. Determination, however? I was good with that.

I never really had a problem putting max effort into something I chose to do but it was often things to help forward someone else’s passions. I got a degree and worked for companies so that their goals could be accomplished while my sense of accomplishment was tethered to their goals. It was not as though I didn’t have my own goals but I was wired to think differently than I am now. I surrendered my determination to the benefit of someone else more so than my own.

Now? I am blessed to be able to partner my determination with my own passion and I often end up wondering, “What took you so long?!?” I know timing is important, as well as the growth that must occur before opportunity can meet ability, so I’m grateful to be living and working towards my own goals while being open to work towards those of others as well.

I was so used to seeing this view of my laptop so often while chasing someone else’s dreams, now I’m chasing my own. What about you?