Life often goes by quick, with many moments of busyness surrounded by what can appear mundane, and affects our perspective in unforeseen ways. I have often wondered what I miss when I’m going about my day, trying to accomplish the various tasks that I have, so I have made a conscious choice to be more “present.” Better yet, I have chosen to pay attention rather than allow the beauty around me to become nothing but a blur or white noise. I suppose this is a crucial step toward being the best photographer I can be but, even then, it is easy to fall into the routine of having tunnel vision on my tasks.

Recently, I noticed this little flower amidst a large flowerbed on a cold and cloudy day and something spoke to me. This little flower was but one of many amongst other greenery but where it sat, almost alone but still vibrant and colorful, made me smile and remember that beauty is all around, waiting to express itself to us if we’d only change our perspective. So, grabbing my camera and stooping down in order to see life as it would, I took this shot. From my original perspective the flowerbed was nice, albeit untidy, but a different vantage point allowed me to see this little flower standing out among much taller brushes, almost appearing as though in a forest all to its own.

Perspective matters. It informs how we see life and, more importantly, the choices we make due to our “world view.” One of the best things one can do is not lose sight of the beauty all around us by allowing our perspectives to be narrowed and skewed. Life can be a challenge but it is always good to make sure we pay attention and be present. You never know what beauty may be revealed when you do.